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August 17, 2022

From time to time, Local 76 and the Somerville Fire Department will receive letters of thanks.  Here are a few of the letters.....

Captain Breen,

On behalf of the entire Tallon family, I would like to say an enormous thank you to the Somerville Fire Dept. for the support you extended to my family during my father's funeral services. He would have been so proud and grateful!

Thank you,

Jane Tallon-Myers


 I'm sorry to be late in writing, but us old people are slow in everything.  I just wanted to thank Local 76 for a great retirement party on October 19th.  It just seemed to have gone so well with such a large crowd.  And I know how hard you guys work to put these things on.  It was great to see so many of the older fellas who have gone before us.  I would be remiss to tell the Bossman, I was only kidding, I still would have come even if you didn't have the chicken.  And everyone said it was real good too.  I don't know if I'll ever get to see you great people again, being stuck up here in the sticks and all.

                                                                      Once again, thank you!

                                                                               Old Topcat (Tom Carroll)


To the Somerville Fire Department,

           On behalf of the family of firefighter David Fitzgerald, I would like to express our true appreciation to all of the firefighters who turned out to remember the life of my father on October 10th, as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of his passing.  After ten years, the turn out for this Mass was as amazing as the display of brotherhood that made it possible for us to make it through the first few weeks after the sudden loss of my father.  It was during those weeks, that I learned just exactly what makes the Somerville Fire Department so special and an important part of my father's life.  I feel very privileged to be able to continue to be a member of the family of firefighters.  Please know that each of you and your families remain in our prayers.

                                                                                                                     With the most heartfelt sincerity,

                                                                                                                      Justine Fitzgerald Viveiros



The following letter was written by Medford Fire Lieutenant Brian Cronin to Medford Fire Chief Frank Giliberti and forwarded to the Somerville Fire Department......

To: Chief Giliberti

From: Lt. Brian Cronin

Subject: Incident # 6956 - Pedestrian Accident at Main Street & Hicks Avenue

Chief Giliberti,

At 0647hrs on 7 October 2010, Engine Company 5, Tower Ladder 1 and A-1 responded to the above location for a motor vehicle accident.  On arrival of Engine 5,  A/Lt. Greg French of the Somerville Fire Department was on scene conducting a patient assessment and providing comfort to Santanna Clark-Palou, age 14.  While dispatched as a vehicle accident, the incident evolved into a MVA with pedestrian involvement.  Lt. French was off-duty, having been relieved minutes before the incident occurred and was passing by the scene on the way home from his station assignment.

Lt. French did not hesitate in stopping to lend assistance, even though there were several bystanders on scene.  He immediately assumed patient care, conducted an initial brief assessment and provided Engine 5 with a patient status report upon our arrival at the scene.  Lt. French remained on scene assisting Engine 5 with a focused trauma assessment because the patient was obviously comfortable with his presence.  A-1 arrived on scene, assumed patient care and completed assessment.  The patient assessment revealed only minor injuries.  As a precaution, a cervical collar was applied and the patient was immobilized on a longboard with continued assistance from Lt. French.  With the incident under control, Lt. French quietly excused himself from the scene.

By his actions, Lt. French with skill and professionalism, exemplifies the best of the Somerville Fire Department and is a credit to his department and the Fire Service.

I request that a copy of this Communication with a Commendation letter from the Medford Fire Department is forwarded to Chief Kelleher of the SFD.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lieutenant Brian J. Cronin,  Officer Commanding Engine Company 5/Division B


The following letter was sent to Acting District Chief Frank Lee from Senator Patricia Jehlen in regards to a rescue of 9 people trapped in a stuck elevator on the evening of September 30th, 2010......

Dear District Chief Lee,

All of us who were at the party at 1 Summer Street last Thursday are very grateful to you and your men who calmly and competently rescued our 9 friends from the stuck elevator.

Thank you,

Pat Jehlen

(Assisting Act/District Chief Lee with the rescue was the crew of T-1 : Lt. Sean Tierney, FF Pat Keane and FF Mike Finnegan and the crew of E-3 : Lt. Dan DiPalma, FF Jimmy Clark and FF Tim Donovan)



The following letter was sent to Fire Chief Kevin Kelleher and Police Chief Michael Cabral......

Dear Chief Kelleher and Chief Cabral,

I would like to take this time to express how grateful I am of the men and women that serve on the Somerville Fire & Police Departments.  In particular, the Firefighters and Officers that responded to a motor vehicle crash involving my 17 year old daughter Bryanna Pires on Highland Avenue in Somerville.

On 7/20/10 Bryanna was a passenger in a motor vehicle that was impacted by a USPS truck.  Bryanna sustained severe injuries as a result of the crash.  At the time, I was in Aruba and was advised by telephone of the incident.  After taking the next plane out of Aruba and arriving at MGH, I met with several neurosurgeons who took the time to explain how severe Bryanna's injuries were.  It was explained by the doctors that with the severity of Bryanna's injuries, they were amazed that she was able to move her arms and legs.  Bryanna sustained a fracture to her C1/C2 and sustained internal bleeding.   It became clear to me that the careful handling of Bryanna by your Firefighters and Police Officers is what saved my daughter's life and not just the angel she had watching over her.

Upon arrival to Bryanna's bedside, I found Bryanna sleeping with a halo attached to her head by four screws into her skull, 15 pound weights weighing her head down while heavily medicated.  The sight of Bryanna broke my heart.  Bryanna awakened a few hours later to find me there.  Instantly the tears began to roll down her face.  Bryanna was too medicated to speak at that time, but a few days later Bryanna asked, "Mommy, who was that girl?"  I asked, "Bryanna, what girl?"  Bryanna responded, "The girl Firefighter, mommy she helped me so much!"  Bryanna continued to ask who the female Firefighter was until I went down to the Fire Station and gathered the names of the responding Firefighters.  Bryanna went on to explain how Police Officers Diaz and Johnson comforted her, keeping her calm and still until EMS arrived.  The slightest wrong movement of Bryanna could have resulted in paralysis from her neck down, according to the surgeons.  Although I know each and everyone who responded on that day played an intricate part of clearing the crash without further incident, Firefighter Melissa Painter stood out in Bryanna's mind.

As a Trooper with the Massachusetts Police, I know we respond to accidents every day, providing life saving measures with little graditude from the public.  It's an understanding amongst us that it's our responsibility to do as we are trained, but this crash gave me a greater appreciation for what we do.  This crash required tools for extrication and careful handling which resulted in preserving life of the occupants.  Any one of us could have responded to that crash and mistaken Bryanna's injury for whiplash.  If it wasn't for the expertise and careful handling of the scene by Captain William Hallinan, Lt. Robert Wilker, FF Ryan Epps, FF Melissa Painter, FF Paul Moreira, FF William Costa and FF Robert Hodnett, Officer Steven Johnson and Officer Henry Diaz, Bryanna may not be here with us today.  After talking to doctors at MGH, I realized how much of a reality that could have been.  My letter can't begin to express how thankful I am.  The work that the men and women of your departments do on a daily basis is remarkable.

In closing, I take great pride in being a resident of Somerville while serving with the Massachusetts State Police in Medford, sharing the roadways of Somerville with both of your departments.


Danielle Pires


Dear Mayor Joe Curtatone,
  I just wanted to take the time and THANK!!! everyone w/ all my heart that arrived at my house on Friday evening involving an EMT unit, police officer and fire fighters in response to my 911 call. I don’t have any names of who assisted my Son Brady, but I did see a picture of one guy who stood out in my mind, who will always remain w/ all my respect which was Gary Teixeira. As my son Brady had a seizure, due to a high fever not even hours after I left the Dr’s office w/ a substitute pediatrician that claimed he had an ear infection.  Just as I reached home from picking up his prescription that was ready, so I decided to leave and come back to one of the worst nightmares any parent could visualize and go through.  He wasn’t responding and in and out as he wasn’t breathing as I recall in splits seconds.  I just wanted to thank each and everyone who responded, as firefighter Gary Teixeira talked w/ me and eased a lot as time was standing still. My love, heart and sincere respect goes out to Gary and each and everyone of them who looked after my son Brady Capuano.
  Scott Capuano

  (Also responding to the call on Engine 1 with Lt. Gary Teixeira was FF Mike Jefferson and FFOP Chris Clark)


Hello All -

              I would like to take a few minutes to thank everyone for the many well-wishes during my last days on the Somerville Fire Department.  You all have been great to me, for all of the years that I have known you, and I mean EVERYONE, even you "Tragedy"!

             As you know, a time was thrown for me last Monday night.  I was so surprised.  I thought I was having dinner with about fifteen guys.  "Old Man" Wall told me it was only the ones that liked me.  You're right, I didn't think it was that many either.  But, as it turned out, about 70 people showed.  I guess they had nothing to do that night.  It was truly a great send-off that I'll never forget.

            And special thanks to Group 4 for working that night.  I really appreciate that, because I know a couple of you would've come. 

            And special thanks to "Old Man" Mark Wall and Dave Salvi for forcing everyone to come.

A Toast To You All :

May you all live 100 years and may I be the last person you talk to!

                                                                                                                                   All my best,

                                                                                                                                   Tom "Top Cat" Carroll


Dear Chief Kelleher,

We want to thank the Somerville Fire Department and especially Firemen Brian MacMullin and Steve Belski for letting us visit headquarters last Tuesday.  It was a very special day for us.  We could see the engines up close and put our hands on the steering wheels.  At first it was scary, but we trusted Brian and Steve to keep us safe.  We want to be firemen too.


                                                                                                        Avi and Noah Miller (age 3)


Dear Chief Kelleher,

On behalf of the O'Halloran family, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to the men and women of the Somerville Fire Department for the services provided during the funeral services for my brother Dennis O'Halloran.

Dennis loved Somerville, and he loved being a member of the Somerville Fire Department.  I know he would have been proud (and as he looked down I know he was) to see the outstanding tribute provided him by the firefighters who stood ever so proudly as honor guard, by the firefighters who served as pall bearers at the funeral service, and the "final salute" tribute performed at the gravesite.  Especially moving, were the playing of "Taps" and the bagpipes playing of Amazing Grace.

Once again, please extend to the men and women of the Somerville Fire Department our most sincere gratitude for their service.  They are truly professionals in every sense of the word.


                                                                                                                                             John O'Halloran



To All the kind men involved in coming to my house,

This is long overdue but I've had a tough few months but I want to say I am deeply grateful for how you came to my rescue on the night of October 1st.  I have almost no scars after having 2nd degree burns and I know I owe that and my life to you as I was definitely overwhelmed with the smoke that night.  So thank you very much and I wish all of you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with blessings.


                                                           Louise Hogan


Dear Local 76 -

All of our families want to thank you for the great gifts for Christmas.  Every year you never forget us and you should know how much we and the families appreciate it.  Thank you also for the time involved purchasing, wrapping and delivering.  All of the kids were very excited - sorry they all weren't there when the gifts were delivered.


                                                                                                                            The Cross Street Shelter

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